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At the core of Babette's artwork is a commitment to long form, site-specific works developed over an extended period of time and relating to the research, collaborations, and lived experience during such periods. Emphasis is placed on the liveness of the materials available, the interactions between land, and body - human or animal, and the exploration of solastalgia.

The projects, often shown in chapters, build on one another becoming roving physical collages that are visual narratives involving performance, sculpture, photo, and video. The works manifest in either mixed media installation or land work forms.

Current Work 


 I. Ruminations / For Twenty-Five Sheep

Selected Past Work

From 2015 - 2018, Babette developed two large scale works in collaboration with artists and performers. For both projects the south western coast of Washington (Oyster Bay) was the site of research, exploration, and performance. Subsequent performances and installations were shown in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. 

The ensemble included a group of nomadic movement practitioners and visual artists engaged in explorations of chaos and subtle disruptions through empowered, thoughtful, risks.

The visual narratives use surrealism as a way to subvert reality, roping together energetically authentic sources of pain, pleasure, and power while pursuing freedom through non-linear, psycho emotional releases that cultivate mystery and an unknown journey for the viewer. 

II. Swimming in Air while Rooted in Water 

I. like men in the folds of a fallen tent 

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