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The Pendleton House, 2013-2015

Founder, Co-Director, Artist 

The multidimensional collective supported a core group of 18 designers, dancers, visual artists, and musicians comprised mostly of Cornish College of the Arts students and alumni. Fueled by the challenges of being born in the millennial generation, the collective responded with a belief that they were more powerful working as a single entity rather than as individuals. The House built a unique atmosphere which allowed ideas and research to flourish under a strong emotional support system. Creating a reliable structure from which multiple avenues of artistic concentration could flourish, the House artists were able to build interdisciplinary immersive experiences for audiences. 



Pendleton House Premier Show A Beginning  | Velocity Dance Center

Pendleton House Dance Workshop |  Velocity Dance Center

Trigger. Dance Happenings Event  | Vermillion Gallery

AKIMBO Site-Specific Festival ( Baltimore )

High Zero Experimental Music Festival ( Baltimore )

10X10 Improvisational Music/Dance Showcase ( Baltimore )

Multi-media showcase with iTE+i (The Institute of Emergent Technology + Intermedia) | Cornish PlayHouse

iTE+I (The Institute of Emergent Technology + Intermedia) - Year Long Residency | Cornish College of the Arts

YWCA Domestic Abuse Workshop | YWCA

Cornish Scholarship Gala | Sheraton Hotel

NEXT Northwest Festival at Velocity | Velocity Dance Center

NEXT Dance Cinema Festival | Northwest Film Forum


SMOOSH - Cornish Fundraising Event | Cornish Playhouse Theater

Love City Love / Trigger. Music & Dance Event | LoveCityLove Studio

The Bridge Project Residency & Performance | Velocity Dance Center

Boost Dance Festival | Erickson Theater

Curated Pendleton House Dinner | Beebee Building

The ONE Party - Music & Dance Event | Sole Repair Shop

Northwest New Works Festival  | On The Boards

Yellow Fish Durational Festival | Hedreen Gallery

Velocity Fall Kick Off - Big Bang Festival  -| Velocity Dance Center

Decibel Festival Optical Performance Showcase | Benaroya Symphony Hall

12th Avenue Arts Opening Showcase Ceremony | 12th Avenue Arts

LxWxH Gallery Exhibition



Steel Gallery Exhibition | Gage Academy

Exquisite Corpse: Digital Improvisation | Online platform

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