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Babette DeLafayette Pendleton creates multidisciplinary work as an artist, curator-producer, and researcher. 

At the core of Babette's artwork is a commitment to long form, site-specific works developed over an extended period of time and relating to the research, collaborations, and lived experience during such periods. Emphasis is placed on the liveness of the materials available, the interactions between land, and body - human or animal, and the exploration
of solastalgia.

The projects, often shown in chapters, build on one another becoming roving physical collages that are visual narratives involving performance, sculpture, photo, and video.
The works manifest utilizing Babette's background as a choreographer in either installation
or land work forms. Her work simultaneously challenges and cultivates an ​emotional conversation between ecosystems, the anthropological, and anthropocene. 

Experimentation, intentionality, and collaboration are central aspects of her approach as a
multifaceted freelancer. Her national and international curatorial work manifests in forms
of collective and collaborative organizing, project management, visionary and strategic consulting, and exhibition/performance producing. Her current research focuses on reconfiguring contractual agreements inside collecting and commissioning initiatives with specific emphasis on putting care practice and performance methodologies at the forefront of
contract law.

Babette is the director of Yellow Fish, a durational performance art festival which aims to bring awareness to the significance and study of time through cultural practices and artistic mediums, while facilitating community involvement in historical and contemporary thought surrounding Durational Performance. 

Babette holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts, and an MFA in Curatorial Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a minor in Critical Theory.

Email / / / @b.dl.p

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