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Babette DeLafayette creates activated environments through her multidisciplinary work as an artist, curator, and producer. Babette utilizes her background as a choreographer and performance artist to build immersive body, sculpture, and multimedia based installations and performances.

Within highly collaborative environments, Babette works with others to combine elements of choreographed movement with endurance based tasks, sculpture, and video in haptic, embodied, and visually untamed performances and installations. Using surrealism as a way to subvert reality, roping together energetically authentic sources of pain, pleasure, and power while pursuing freedom through non-linear, psycho emotional releases that cultivate mystery and an unknown journey for the viewer, Babette builds physical collages that are emotional visual narratives filled with cacophonies of chaos, subtle disruptions, and empowering, thoughtful, risks.

Babette is the artistic director of Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival, an experimental festival that presents, engages, and supports artists with a platform for durational and time-based performance art.

Her past curatorial work in Seattle includes building the Pendleton House, a creative collaborative entity that was a conduit for interdisciplinary artistic experiences to merge, and running a multipurpose art photography studio, New Tomorrow, which allowed for the integration of art, business, research, and communion.

Beginning in 2019, Babette stepped in as a producer and project manager for Sarah Cameron Sunde's, 36.5 | A Durational Performance with the Sea. 36.5 is a time-based art project, spanning seven years and six continents, that engages people directly on personal, local, and global scales about the crisis of sea-level rise. In 2019 the project will be produced in Brazil and Kenya. 

Babette is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. 



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