Babette creates multidisciplinary work as an artist, curator, and researcher. Her current work focuses on reconfiguring contractual agreements inside collecting and commissioning initiatives across the performance and live art field. 


Babette is the director of Yellow Fish, a durational performance art festival which aims to bring awareness to the significance and study of time through cultural practices and artistic mediums, while facilitating community involvement in the historical and contemporary thought surrounding Durational Performance.

Inside her artwork, Babette utilizes her background as a choreographer and performance artist to build immersive body, sculpture, and multimedia based physical collages. ​Within highly collaborative environments, Babette works with an ensemble to combine elements of choreographed movement with endurance based tasks, sculpture, and photo in site-specific, embodied, and visually untamed performances and installations.

Previous curatorial work includes, Founder of the Pendleton House—a twenty-five person interdisciplinary art collective; Director of the experimental gallery space, New Tomorrow; and Producer for Sarah Cameron Sunde’s series, 36.5 A Durational Performance with the Sea. 

Babette is an MFA '21 candidate in Curatorial Practice at MICA. 

Contact / For complete past work, inquiries, and full CV / / 443.691.8909

Babette Pendleton